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Teh Winnar

So here's what happened today.

I got up at 11, threw on a sweatshirt and ran down to the only open convenience store on University Way for milk for my non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner of chicken alfredo, only to discover that Rite Aid's fridge is broke and they, in fact, have no milk.

I came back home, and after grumbling for a while set out to finish up my novel today.  I had actually ended the novel the night before, but as it stood at 48,010 words, it did not qualify to win the contest.  So I went back and found a place I could shove in some extra scenes, which turned out decently and left me at exactly 50,010 words.

Well, not so much according to the idiot bot that counts the words on the website.  Some difference between it and Word '07 caused the website to only accent 49,009 of those words.  I think it has a prejudice against hyphens.

So I grumbled a little more, went back and shoved in an extra 125 words in the premise that nobody would probably notice, and resubmitted. The glorious winner's site loaded, and I stole from it this graphic:

I will officially be able to concentrate on neglected lab reports, papers and presentations for the remaining week of the quarter.  Oh, and maybe some Christmas shopping.

As for the novel (if any civilized person could call it that), I am not sure if I'm going to go back and clean it up, or at least anytime soon.  It started out as a neat idea, or at least neat imagery, but looking back I'm finding it full of gaping plot holes, ambiguities and unaddressed character angst that I'm not sure is redeemable.  50,000 words is *about* 140 pages of hardback novel, plus or minus 15 and depending on the font, and I'm not sure I have enough material in the story to flesh out out into a more reasonable and hole-less work of literary awesomeness.  Yes, as the NaNo people keep reminding me in their emails, the brainchild that comes out of NaNo is rarely pretty, as it is written at breakneck speed and zero back-editing or research.  But that doesn't make any of it less cringe-worthy on the readthrough.

Still, if you want to read the draft and egg me on about pushing it further, be my guest.  Just ask for a copy.

I can haz sleep naow?



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Nov. 28th, 2008 03:42 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh, congrats!!!! Thats awesome!

What was the plot line? It's been forever since I've read something by you *_*
Nov. 28th, 2008 10:54 pm (UTC)
It's a fantasy type story, featuring these fish creatures that I had a dream about. Here's a brief synopsis:

Kita and his people spend their lives close to the sea, in and out of the water. Their world is a collection of tiny islands spread across the vast ocean. The elements rule all; civilizations, history, does not last long. Despite this, they have managed to prosper, to learn quickly enough to build technology that preserves.

But there may be more than wind and water at work in the destruction of history. Kita is a hobbyist, one who seeks out clues to this lost history. While exploring the island Ipika Katai, he stumbles upon a buried temple concealing a shocking secret: a young girl sealed for thousands of years inside a sandstone statue...a girl whose only crime is being able to see through time.

I'd clean that up a bit, but I have to go shopping :-P
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