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I vote for Option 3

Sophomore year of high school (so, six years ago now) I was rollerblading and fell hard on my flat palm.  I had a very sharp, intense pain followed by numbness.  The PE instructor inspected it, said it was fine, and sent me on my way.  Later, I fell on it again.  Ever since then, I have reoccurring pain and consistent weakness in a very specific place in my left hand, right near the wrist in the exact middle, dorsal ("out") side.  

The pain comes on gradually.  I notice it when putting on my backpack or opening doors.  I wear my carpal-tunnel brace to keep me from doing anything else that would bring a sudden jolt of pain, but keeping my hand straight doesn't seem to make the condition itself subside.  It just keeps me from cursing and crying in public as much.

This happens roughly every 2months or so, and ranges from mildly annoying to excruciatingly painful.  It's most noticeable when my hand is flexed backward, like for a push-up.  As I am pretty much ambidextrous, there are quite a few things I do with my left hand.  I almost always open doors with it, for example.  It makes this condition 10 times more annoying.

I've seen three different doctors; a family practitioner, a feet & hands specialist and a sports medicine doctor.  The sports medicine gal was the only one who ever really offered me an explanation.  Once she established that no bones were broken or dying (don't ask) she suggested they do a CMRI to see if there was a torn tendon in there that has scarred over.  Considering my symptoms, this fits.  However, since there's no good treatment, and surgery doesn't usually fix this type of injury very effectively, and because the CMRI procedure would involve them sticking big needles directly into my wrist, I have just kind of lived with the pain.

One of the things the docs always ask is, is there anything in particular that causes the pain to come back--sudden impact, lots of typing, etc.?  My answer is no, I've ruled out pretty much everything because nothing consistently brings on the pain.  A case in point has been the last few days.

Yesterday it was pretty bad.  I amounted it to having written a 50,000-word story in 25 days and spent a number of hours on video games the day before.  I stretched it out a little (which is painful as HELL.  Anyone here who's been through physical therapy probably has an idea about that) and went right back to playing video games for oh, 12 or 14 hours.

Today?  The pain is gone, just back to the perpetual stiffness.  This sudden disappearance is unusual.  Usually it just gradually subsides.  Even the ganglian cyst that developed in my hand two years ago has shrunk.  This leaves me with 3 theories:

1.  Doctors are wrong and I have some even more bizarre condition.  Say, Leprosy.
2.  Stretching once every 90 minutes or so is a cure for scarred tendon pain and/or causes rapid healing.
3. Video games are in fact an awesome treatment and I should play more of them.

I think I will experiment with option 3 over the break and see how it goes.