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CJ has totally lost track of what has been going on on LJ.  Yeeps. >_<

So here's a short summary of my life as it stands.

Final week of classes EVAR (at least for a while) starts today.
Final paper of UO due Thursday (12th) morning.
Monday (16th): Final in Alternative Energy class.
Tuesday (17th): Plane flight to Denver
Wednesday (18th): Interview with the CSB (OMGWTFBBQ AAARGH)
Wednesday (18th): Plane flight to Seattle post-interview.
Hopefully Ursula picking me up from airport is also Wednesday.
Thursday (19th): hang out with people and demolish room decor.
Friday (20th): dad comes, we cram all my stuff into the Acadia and drive back to Richland
Weekend (21st-22nd):  Lots of celebratory graduating-ness.  Will be there alcohol?  I think so.
Monday (23rd) drive back up to Seattle to meet friend named Morgan from teh Internets
Tuesday (24th)  Seattle tourism, The Watchman concert (Tom Morello?  Very yes.) at the Crocodile Cafe.
Wednesday (25th): drive home from Seattle, hopefully without hangover.
Thereafter: TBD

The concert thing literally just happened tonight.  WOW I was not anticipating being back in the city quite so soon.

Am really hoping I get this job in Denver.  It looks like the kind of thing I would actually enjoy.  I mean, who doesn't want to go all CSI on industrial plant accidents?  Also, it's the only employer who's answered my application since January....  Don't get me wrong, though.  Still my 1st choice.

So...what's everyone else been up to?


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Mar. 9th, 2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
Yayaya, you're almost done!!!
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