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Fractal Geometry

Representative of the Chaos Theory

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Death and Rebirth, end and beginning, failure and recovery, loss and hope. These are the things the phoenix represents. The phoenix can be many things, for she is born again many times. She is me as I am her: magical, mysterious, misunderstood, and misinterpreted. We are fiery, brilliant, expressive and fearless.


Most of the practical information about me is listed above, so I won't reiterate too much here. It's difficult to convey an entire personality in writing, so if you're that curious shoot me an IM. But here are some clarifications:

I'm not an anthro plush-humping furry, nor do I believe I have the spiritual nature of an animal. The Phoenix is merely a metaphor for my personality. No, I don't take it seriously, nor do I pay much mind to those who do take it seriously.

I write some fanfiction, aside from my original works. But, because I am an engineering student, I don't have much time for either. I work very hard to make my writing enjoyable, nuanced and deep, and not just the non-canon crap so many teen cat-girls and bored housewives regurgitate. So if you would skip over my work merely because it's fanfiction I implore you to give it another chance. If you're wondering where my original work is, it's all stashed away nice on my computer. I don't put it in public, for fear of someone stealing it. If I get enough people asking, though, I may consider creating a new journal account with a privacy lock, so you must appeal your honesty to me personally in order to get access.

On the same subject: if you are a teen cat-girl or bored housewife, please do not send me messages asking me to "plz read my fic cause I really luv ur work and I did some and it's called _______ and it's got ______ and ______ from ______ and the plot is _______." If you can summarize your "fic"'s plot in two lines or less, or fail to accomplish proper grammar or--hell's fire--meaning, it's not something I'm going to waste my time on. On the flip side, if the request for feedback is earnest (ie not a blind plea for attention), I may see if I can find some free time to cram you into.

Lastly: My life is my own. I will share what I want, and cannot always be counted on to pass along "messages" or rant/agree/dissent on certain subjects just because others want me to. I can handle scrutiny and disagreement. But don't try to slap me for being myself. This is my turf, sister.